Friday, July 22, 2011

Great Britain's final arrangements

I used my Wyndham rewards to get points on motel deals. But hubby and I wanted to try small B&B's so we mixed and matched. Days Inns and family-ran B&B's. The deciding factor to choose one or the other? LOCATION and ... PRICE!!!!! of course! Don't forget we ARE on a budget.
Here's a place where I found reasonable B&B's:   but a lot of times it is also reasonable to just type "Bed & Breakfast NAME OF TOWN" in your search. Sometimes the places we were going to visit were so far off the map that they had no hotels posted on 4hotels. Neither on nor on

I regret not having asked for the oyster card as an add-on to my London Pass. It'd've been cheaper (forgive me my exxxxtra apostrophes, but really, isn't that how we really talk?)
I bought 2 Oyster cards for 50 POUNDS each. the max you can spend a day is ... I want to say 7 pounds if you stay within London center. Or

Hubby watched a bunch of Rick Steve videos about Great Britain while I was away and I came back to a bunch of ideas of his about where to go. Now guess who has to fit everything in the itinerary!!!  Now our trip includes not only England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland, but also Wales!!!! Please, Hubby, don't watch any Cornwall videos!!!!

Yesterday Google Maps was mean to me and deleted all the 5-day itinerary I'd been  building for the past 2 days. Have you ever seen a woman screaming in despair? That was me. Suddenly the Brazilian phrase "killing dogs with screams" had a whole new meaning to me. Hubby thought I'd lose all the hairs in my head. As usual, he came to my rescue and tried to fix my problem. Every time I cry in despair he comes to help. He then realized he should greatly appreciate all my trip planning and never complain that any part of the trip is not the way it should be, for he spent the next hour trying to reconstruct what I had lost and by minute number 5 he was already writing Google a nasty email.

I had booked a tea time at the Kensington Hotel for 25 POUNDS. Then we figured, why pay more for the tourist place when we can pay less than 10 pounds to Afternoon tea at a small hole-in-the-wall normal people's place. So we canceled the Kensington. Our choices came from

I am still trying to convince Hubby that a play in London is a must-do. Even Rick Steves thinks so. And Rick Steves forgot to mention the Bagpipes at 9;30 am at the Edingburgh Castle, mind you!!!!

I just learned that it is smarter to get money at an ATM machine there, using your bank's debit card.  They say you pay no fees to your bank. That I must check. Let me call Bank Of America now.

Now that every lodging and transportation is done. I will proceed to update my travel guide - a file I have been keeping with info about every city or town, including attractions we must not miss there, and their addresses.

Once that is ready, I will trace a point by point itinerary using my google docs spreadsheet.