Saturday, February 4, 2012

DC/NYC/MA/Chapada Diamantina/Rio 2012 - itinerary

This is the itinerary for the 2012 vacation:

Chapada on the Web

As I have promised, here is a list of the websites I used to plan our trip to beautiful Chapada Diamantina, Bahia.
- - information about the main city of Chapada, Lençois. There are pictures, information about places to visit, lodging and food.
- - leanr a little bit about Chapada Diamantina.
- - website of a B&B that brings suggestions of itineraries.
- - website of a B&B in the town of Mucugê. Mucugê is about an hour south of Lençois. This website has suggestions of trips in the area of Mucugê.
- - another B&B in Mucugê with trip suggestions.
- - map of the whole Chapada area., with attractions. Suggestions of itineraries as well.
- - The first motel that we considered. It was too expensive for our budget, but it is beautiful!!!!! Worth  checking it out! It also has suggestions fo places to visit.
- - One of the first motels we considered. Also too expensive, but also beautiful! Yummy breakfast tables! Good suggestions of trips.
- - this is a description of one specific trip. But if you read Portuguese  you can find other descriptions of places you might want to check it out.
- - suggestions of trips all over the area of Chapada.
- - website of a tourist agency with several itinerary suggestions.
- - a B&B in the town of Igatu, in the south area of Chapada.
- -  a guide magazine of Chapada Diamantina.
- - another website with suggestions
- - more suggestions from a tourist agency.
- - great place to find B&B and motels!
- - website of my favorite place to stay in the south part, but my aunt was scared of the forest... spiders...
- - map and guide of the area.

Well, that's it. Some of these websites do require a little bit of a knowledge of Portuguese, but Google Translator helps a lot too!