Sunday, December 29, 2013

Suggestions from friends + Ghost Town websites

TALK TO PEOPLE - One way to get ideas for your trip is talking to people who have been there already.

By talking to my in-laws I get the idea to do a loop.

Hoover Dam (don't pay for the tour - do the free tour of the Glen Canyon Dam); Sky Walk; Grand Canyon;  Petrified Forest + Painted Desert; Glen Canyon + Lake Powell (where we can do the free tour of the Glen Canyon Dam); Bryce Canyon; Zion National Park.

Well, I have looked at all of their websites today. I just have to check whether or not we will have the time for all that.

I have vowed to not spend more time inside the car than outside doing things during my vacation. So I need to check on the feasibility of doing all those things in a week.

LOOP AROUND - If you are doing the loop around you can't have a home base (bc that would have to be in the middle of the Grand Canyon....

So we are looking at different motels - all of them with Wyndham rewards preferably - to get points.

GHOST TOWNS - Dean is also looking at Ghost towns and he found one called Vulture city. We have to try to include this too.
This is a picture of Vulture city. Dean found information about it here:   (attractions -> ghost towns)

FUTURE POSTS - In future posts I will:
1- show how I am fitting things in (or pulling things out).
2- post the websites for each of those places.
3- post cheap places I found for lodging.
4- post more information about each place.

That's two or more week's worth of postings. That is good enough for now.