Sunday, February 22, 2015

check out other options

so I am checking out other turism companies, because there is always a chance that we might be getting a bad deal.

one example is the Grape and Wine tour.
One company offers is for R$120 without including the Choo-choo train trip ticket. Another includes it and it costs R$195. Well, it turns out that the train ticket is R$86 (
 ), so yeah, pay for the more expensive trip and save money. These trips are available at

Now, there is an even more expensive one that includes one extra stop it's R$235, so 40 extra reais, to stop in one more place. I have emailed them and asked if their price includes the same items as all the others. This one is done by VentoSul. I sent them an email asking about the specifics of their tour. The funny thing is their website doesn't advertise that particular tour. Gramadosite (which is a legitimate intermediary) does. Still, I sent the email to VentoSul.

Another example is the Rural Tour. The gramadosite has them for anywhere between R$95 and R$115 a person. However they do include everything.

There is a much smaller place called Jardineira das Hortênsias that does the trip for only R$44 a person, but they include no fees. When I can't find fees on my own, I email them and ask. (or call them, but I have not been lucky with the phone today).

Finally, gramadosite also does dinner trips. I wanted to pay for the Gaucho dinner (Gaucho is what we call something or someone from the state of Rio Grande do Sul). Well, I emailed the restaurant and found out they actually charge less for the dinner, but more than turism companies if they also include your transfer in/out. Well, a quick search on distance (about 30 Km round trip) , car fuel economy (about 11km/l), and current gas prices (about R$3,39/l), I figured it was a better deal to get dinner with a turism company. However, because I am afraid we will be late from an afternoon trip, I chose to make the reservation directly at the restaurant, without transportation.

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