Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Souza Family Trip to the U.S.A.

Right after our trip to California, my aunt and grandma came to spend a month with us. If you know anything about me, and my family, you'll know that a month was enough to see the whole East Coast of the United States. Plus a visit to an aunt in Ohio and a quick trip to Chicago.
And when I tell you that my grandma is a little bit over 70 years old, and took on the challenge, walking a few miles a day, going to bed late and waking up early, as you're about to see on the charts below, you'll begin to love her.  Who is this woman, you ask, who can walk that much and at that rhythm at such an advanced  age?
If I tell you she does not look a day past 50, you'll begin to think she's attractive and athletic,  a true go-getter (she took after her grand-daughter). And if you are an old rich man, no children, no one to leave your money to after you pass on, you're allowed to fall in love with her and marry her. Just make sure you talk to me first. I need to make sure your intentions are good.

Anyway, the trip. Well, the actual trip fell short of my expectations. I was told to include a number of attractions - a large number of attractions. And I did. And I planned everything, as I usually do, to the minute. But things did not work out to the minute. We skipped places such as the Groton Submarine and the Gillette Castle. We failed to travel to Main for a lobster dinner and failed to make it to Salem, the Halloween town, and to Gloucester, the town of the Perfect Storm. Why? Either because we were too late, too worn-out or because we got rained in.

Also we rushed through a few things, because we were late to get out of the motel in the morning. Three ladies and a guy trying to use one bathroom in the morning is not as simple a task as you'd think.

My Aunt Léa really wanted to see the scenes from Night at The Museum, and she wasn't able to.  I had no idea where to find them either. Just bear in mind that the Met is huge.

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