Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Public Transportation + Afternoon Tea = The ultimate London experience!!!

So, last Saturday I got on line again to do some more Great Britain's purchases.
OMG!!!! I can't even believe how close we are to this trip!!! I feel like there is a knot in my stomach!
ME!!! IN EUROPE!!!! YEE!!!! That's gonna be totally awesome!

Anyway... I went to this website and purchased an OYSTER CARD with $50 pounds in it (by pounds I mean the currency they use in Britain, not the weight unit of measure). I bought one for me and one for my baby! guess how much everything totaled? U$189.00

I did the math actually. I tried checking how much we'd spend if I were to buy us 5 day travel cards, it turned out the travel cards would be a couple of pounds more than with the oyster.

Then I talked to my aunt on the phone, and she said we had to go have afternoon tea in London!
O...M...G!!!! AFTERNOON TEA IN LONDON! How is it that I had not thought about it before? The land of the afternoon o'clock tea! Duh, Vika! Wake up and smell the freaking flowers and go schedule tea time.

So I got on the web. "Let's see ... Tea ... in London ... (credit card fake attendant voice) ok, found it! The Ritz! ... Oh, $35 pounds. Let me check the Savoy ... $32 pounds. ..." Houston we have a teeny weeny problem ... I knew that Dean would whine and wail and cry that that was a bit too much for tea and cookies... So I googled "restaurants that serve tea in London" found places that do tea for as low as 9 pounds! However Dean settled for the Aubrey, at $25 pounds a person. He was sold in the environment.

This is the website we looked for afternoon tea

And here is the website for the Aubrey, wher you can make reservations and check the menu:

OK so far so good. I will let you know when there's more.

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