Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Great Britain - our first truly international international trip

This is our first truly international trip. Yes, we have gone to Brazil a few times, but Brazil is my homeland, so I can't consider Brazil to be international, even though we are traveling abroad and we need passports and Dean needs a visa and stuff.

I am very nervous about this trip. We will be in a foreign country, where they use a different kind of money and think and live differently than we do. So I am trying to be very careful about planning. And I know we might not be able to fully enjoy all the benefits of  this trip, because everything is so foreign to us. Yet, I am doing my best.

We might get there and find out we will not be able to do everything we planned. I am really afraid that we get there and realize we will need much more money that we already have. Actually we already will need more money that we have. That's why our tax returns will be going towards the vacation fund.

Yes, we have a vacation fund, freak, how do you think we can actually afford the trip!!!!!

But what I am really afraid of is that when we get there this trip will turn out to have much more hidden costs than what I predicted.

Here's a picture of what our trip chart looks like so far.

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