Saturday, October 20, 2012

UK 2013 Part 1 - lists and videos

I just sat down tonight to plan our 2013 vaca.
Dean wants to make this trip a genealogy search trip. We are going to Northern Ireland and to Wendover, England - mainly. But it is still a vaca, so we still want to go places for fun.

We watched a few Rick Steves shows to refresh our memories of our first trip there. Then on to planning.

Draw from our previous trip database. I went through the itinerary (list) and made a list:

- places we want to go back to; places we never made it to and want to go; places we want to try for the first time. (itinerary)

Highly touristy places such as Bath and London stayed out of our list this time. We liked it there, but we really don't have to do that sight-seeing/museum-visiting again.

I added to the list places we were tipped on during our first trip there - the oldest pub in England for instance, is in York or Nottingham... I have already searched the internet with the key words "oldest pubs in England"and found a few.

Last time we went to the second oldest pub which is in Lacock - we literally just stumbled upon it while walking through the streets of Lacock - totally by chance.
We are also going back there and to the Brazen head in Dublin - the oldest working pub in Ireland.

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