Sunday, October 21, 2012

UK 2013 Part 2 - find a tavern

Continuing the planning for our trip. Last posting I stopped on action #3. Here is action #4 (this part was planning the lodging):

I spent the day trying to find the kind of lodging my husband wants: those old-fashioned taverns that have food on the first floor and lodging on the top floor.
Key words on (tavern, pub, inn, accommodation), as well as searches on Google maps.

So far, finding taverns has been the single most challenging thing I had to do while planning trips to England.

Dean's idea! Dean has his crazy ideas, and I have to suck it up and somehow make them happen. As if things could be materialized out of thin air.

So Dean wanted to stay at a tavern, as the travelers from somewhere in the lost 1500's I suppose. You know, those you see in the movies.

Apparently this combo of pubs and inns are not so common anymore.

I found this one in Cookstown, Northern Ireland called The Central Inn. It's on the main street of Cookstown, which is supposed to be the longest straight street in all of Northern Ireland.

For our first trip I had to search the entire world wide web for the key words and with Google maps. Most of the places I found were either basically B&Bs or just regular pubs...

Eventually I found a tavern like that in the town of Street (near New Age-ish Glastonbury). It's called The Two Brewers and the owners are extremely friendly. Oh, the food and the drinks were great and the people that attended the place were very nice too. We didn't want to leave there. We hope to stay there again.

The New Inn, in the town of Avebury, is older than than Brazil. The town of Avebury has about 3 streets, of all them with no names. Very interesting place if you are looking for something peculiar. Unfortunately my husband found out that The New Inn just closed. However, Avebury is worth a visit. It's a very peculiar place and, hey, maybe the pub is still open! Who knows!

This time my job was finding other Taverns/Inns/Pubs since we were going to stay at different places. Dean is doing some genealogical search, so we are going to places such as Cookstown (Northern Ireland) and Wendover (England). So far I found the place in Cookstown (from whom I have not heard back yet), and The Five Bells (in Weston Turville, near Wendover).
So, bottom line is - they are out there, those places where you party on the first floor and sleep on the second. You just have to do some searching.

That's all for now folks!

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