Sunday, February 17, 2013

UK 2013 part 6 - date change: Skype & Tripadvisor

Date change mess-up - Tripadvisor to the rescue

So I mess up sometimes. I try to be as thorough as possible, but sometimes I mess up.

Before I start booking places, I first check availability of every lodging, flight, car rental and anything that might make our trip non-viable concerning price and availability.

Once everything is checked and double checked, I start booking and paying.

Since our dates changed twice, I went back to every lodging place, every car rental place, and checked the flights as well. 

As soon as I made sure everything was viable, I started booking and paying for the stuff that had to be paid in advance.

Well, I made sure about everything but The Central Inn. 

Yes, I had emailed them to check the new dates, but I forgot to wait for a reply. By the time The Central Inn replied saying they were fully booked on my new trip dates, I had already paid for and booked everything else.

I freaked. I had already exhausted my searching places - 4hotels, toprooms, google maps...  the only place I had left to look was trip advisor. Praise the Lord! Trip advisor had, at the bottom of the list, an extra tavern in Cookstown - the place called The Belfast House.

Booking without internet - Skype

They had no online booking, so the next day, in the morning we called them with Skype. They had B&B rooms for £55/night. True. £5 more a night - I lost us £20.

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