Friday, February 22, 2013

UK 2013 - Messups!

Careful with messups. They usually cost money.

So far here are the 4 messups I caused:

1- when changing the dates, I didn't ralize the earlier flight to Dublin was more expensive. So instead of arriving in Dublin at 5:25 with extra time to drive to Belfast and get there early in the morning, we will land at 8 am and get to Belfast near midday.

2- When changing the dates I forgot to wait for the reply from the Central Inn. By the time they replied saying they were booked, I had already book all other flights and inns.

3- I didn't realize there were two airports in Glasgow and that the ryanair leaves from Prestwick. I booked our super cheap motel (those with rates that don't refund you in case of cancellation) right by The Glasgow Airport.

4- I booked a room that had a mistake on the website. so it wasn't my messup - it was the website. The website said - room rate only (breakfast included). Well, it had to be room rate only, not breakfast included!!!! That's ok, we will not have breakfast in the hotel on that day!

Messup 1 will cost us precious time.

Messup 2 will cost us and extra £5 a day

Messup 3 will cost us £108 instead of £35

Messup 4 won't cost anything bc we could have canceled. ut we liked the place too much.

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