Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Uk 2013 - Day 6: Cotswolds

I apologize - I have skipped the past two postings because of the back to school madness - I got a new job and it has been crazy being able to get everything done in time. But here we are - back to our routine. Let's talk today about our first day in the Cotswolds.
Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Breakfast was yummy, but unfortunately we won't be having dinner here since our hosts are leaving n vacation. That means the kitchen won't work at dinner time. Aw, this place is so beautiful!!!!

We got up and walked around Castle Combe. I thought of going on a country walk, but I wasn't aware of what the idea of a country walk was - fields, fields and more fields. Fields of wheat or barley, who knows. Really? Who cares? I know there are other places to see, but there are simply to much of the fields to go through. I really should have planned this part of our trip. Never mind. We can walk elsewhere. We then bought a 50p guide at the tourist center and drove to Stow-on-the-Wold - the highest town in the Cotswolds. It's is a fairly touristy town.
We had lunch there and went around for ride to towns where tourists don't go.

And we quickly learned why some of these towns are places where tourists don't go - the roads barely fit one car and are supposed to be made for two! We almost had a front collision with some girl who was driving way too fast, and had to back up down a hill for a mini van. However, nothing on this trip - so far - was as scary as our first trip when we almost hit a truck and I began to cry.

Word to the wise- if you ever move here, always plan on not leaving for work or school right on time. You will be late. Part of your drive will include backing up and stopping for others to pass.

Small detail - some of the hedges have concrete walls behind them. So do not try driving into one of them to allow the other car to pass. Yeah. We appreciated that a friend of Dean's gave us that advice.

The name of this town was Sheepscombe, near Painswick.

Then we drove to a small city called Cirencester. Silly me, I was calling it Cirenster (Like we call Worcester - Woster) - Yeah, I was wrong.

But it was a quarter to 5 and I had the idiotic assumption, MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, that tea time is at 5. Well, if you are British, you are now laughing at me. Tea time  starts at 3 and freaking ENDS at 5!!!!!!

We drove back to Castle Combe for tea and got there at 5:10 just to learn we would not be served by any tea room - they had all just closed. The one place open was getting ready for 6pm dinner and would not serve tea.


Well, crying in this case wouldn't help, so we turned around and left. Found on the way to our place and planned the next day.

Then we had dinner at a pub by the river - they had internet there too, we sat outside, but the sun went down and it got too cold for my Brazilian skin. I wanted to move inside, but for some weird reason by husband won't switch tables once he's picked one - did I mention my husband does things that drive me crazy? Yup. This is one of them.

The internet we have picked up today is thanks to FON,  a user provided internet network Dean purchased a few years ago. It has been saving our lives.

That was it for today. I have to log on expenses now.

Oh!!! One thing we have loved about the UK is its small cars. Not the narrow roads, but the tiny cars. The funny thing are the lories (trucks in British English) - they are so skinny!

Londis Store Bourton on the Water - £1.87(cash) snack
Queens head inn - £15.05(credit) LUNCH
Kings bridge - £22.45(credit) DINNER

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