Monday, September 16, 2013

UK 2013 - Day 7: Last day at the Cotswolds + lodging issue

Friday, July 26, 2013

I am writing from a place called Aylesbury. I am not happy.
We were not going to come up here, but the unthinkable happened - the tavern we booked for tonight simply went out of business. No emails letting us know of anything, we just got there and the new administration said - "sorry, the owner just packed up and left!"
That's an awesome thing to find out at 11pm of the night you're supposed to be arriving.

Word to the wise (or note to self - whatever you want to call it):

Call your lodging the weekend before you travel. Check if they are still in operation. it is better than finding it out at 11pm after driving and walking all day.
We ended up paying £81 to sleep over at this Premier Inn (sort of a Days Inn). £81 with no breakfast included.
It is funny to think about that price. Two years ago we paid the scandalous amount of £71 for a fancy B&B in the rich-sy town (posh, is that what they say in British?) of Hastings. How can a regular motel charge more than a fancy Hastings B&B? That is a mystery to me.

What about our day? That is what matters, right? Oh the day was very pleasant!

We drove to pretty Cotswold towns. We loved Broadway and Chipping Camden. They are small towns, easy to park and walk around, and have that lovely Cotswold atmosphere.
There were a couple of towns we didn't care for - Winchcombe and Cirencester were too large cities for our taste. Not what we were looking for.
We went back to Cirencester because I thought Dean wanted to walk around there and I pulled him away yesterday to go have tea in Castle Combe.
Well, we couldn't find tea rooms there - in Cirencester. Tea rooms, the ones we look for as tourists in the land of the tea - will be in the small towns, like the ones I've  mentioned. Other small towns are Stow on the World and Bourton on the Water. The really small ones - the ones you blink and miss - will not have them either. It seems they are made to attract tourists.
And yes, again, tea time is from 3-5!!!!
If I had known about the little lodging issue, we would have driven east to the birth place of Churchill, but we chose to visit Lacock again to eat at the George Inn - open since 1361!!!!
You know what happened next, we drove to Benson and found out we had no room to stay...

And here are our expenses:
The Halfway House £22.50 (credit) dinner. We found this on the way to Cirencester.
The Cake House - cirencester £ 4.40 (cash) sodas
Aylesbury Premier Inn - £81.00(credit)
petrol station - £38.22(credit)
the george inn - £17.45 (credit) dinner
brewery car park - £1.30(cash) Cirencester
brewery car park - £2.00(cash)
broadway high street car park - £1.00(cash)
Mouse trap inn - £61.00(credit)
Snack break - £1.95(cash)

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