Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grand Canyon 2014- first looks

So, next year, Dean and I are going to the Grand Canyon.
I am still trying to decide whether we are going on our April vacation or in July.
April - my brother will be here. He can go with us. ... But I worry it might be too cold. Besides there is one part - the North Rim is closed.
July - Little Brother might be gone and ... it is the rainy season - which brings lightening storms.
I found this information here:

Here is the link to the main site:
I have to go back and figure out how major is the Grand Canyon North Rim - and how great a loss it is not seeing it. I mean, if we are going to go all the way there, we don't want to miss something major - like me missing Paul in London... (idiot!!!)

and here is a link to some commercial sites - for train rides ... I have not spent time on them yet.{creative}&ctt_nwtype=search

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