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UK 2013 - day 11: Lake District

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Today I found myself falling down on my knees and singing praises. How can anyone see that wonder and not? Yes, we were in the Lake District.

We left Lu's house at around 9:30 - if I had had it my way it would have been 8:30... I try to be the schedule Nazi, but I always end up making concessions here and there.

It was nice hanging out with a former student... we talk on Facebook, but hanging out in person is always different. And breakfast was our time to catch up on conversation.
We got to the Lake district at around 11 and stopped for gas along route A590, in the direction of Ulverstone.
42mpg is just too good.
I let Dean choose the scenic route and chose the less busy one, which made for a nicer driving experience. And beautiful views. We took the Coniston Water route (A5084 toward Hover, then A593 toward Ambleside).
There are stopping points along many of these scenic roads, so the drivers (and the passengers) can get out of the car and enjoy the view.

 We then drove up to Cockermouth ... (yeah... who named this town? ... I know you're thinking the same thing I am. Or am I such a dirty mind?)

Anyway, they had a Wilkinson store there, and Dean wanted to go buy some stuff. We had been to the one in Wigan, but couldnt find the stuff he needed; there was no time to go to the Liverpool one.And Cockermouth was just half an hour away from Keswick.

We took a more scenic route on the way back. B5292.

We had to stop a few times, because everything was just too beautiful to just drive by.
Beautiful, awe-strucking, wonderful ... anything you want to call it. I looked around me and all I could do was to fall on my knees and worship. How can a God who creates something so great  care about some one so small like me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to stay there forever.

The route was beautiful, but scary.

Dean enjoys the back road driving, and he looked forward to those for our vaca in the UK, but why are those roads two-way? Who ever thought that to be a good idea? He can't have been much of a genius. Worse! There were tourist coaches coming our way as well.  According to Dean - the trip's official driver - it is extremely stressing encountering oncoming traffic on such roads - especially coaches.

Oh, we saw sheep on the road!!!!!!  I always wanted to see sheep on the road!

England - well, all of the UK - is very much a farming country - I mean, kingdom. Very much like Thomas Jefferson's ideal for America, if my learning was accurate. There are farms everywhere. So different from everything I've seen in my other travels in the US or in Brazil.

It is very fun to look around and ... this is me being me a kiddie voice I squeak, "Look! Sheep!" or "Cowsies!" And Dean, of course, goes along with me , "Meh!"

At Keswick  we walked around the town, had afternoon tea in one of its many tea houses and visited their parish Church - St. John's.
I try to avoid the graveyards. They always make me cry - especially the baby gravestones, but also the unreadable ones - forever forgotten in time - the ones of spouses that outlived each other, and parents who outlived their children.

At our B&B, we realized the owner had never received my email  response that we would be staying one night and not two hadn't been received. So here is a good tip - if you don't receive a reply from your B&B, resend it. It is also good to bring as print out of everything -including car parks and prices and hours.
From our beautiful B&B we tried doing the two walks I had selected, but we really couldn't find the opening in the wall from the longer one and the duckboard walk got canceled because of the rain.

We went for dinner - back to Keswick. I had this yummy smoked trout and then undecideds it was time to have pudding. Yummy, but I will never do it again - it is too much food for me.
Keswick , along with Ambleside, are very busy towns. If you don't like the crowds, stay away from them. we are not fond of it, but our B&B was further away either way. We went there to eat and that was it.
Keswick is not as bad as Ambleside. I thought that Ambleside had more tourist groups.
Well, that was it for us. Bedtime came early tonight.

Today's expenses
petrol - £39.93(credit) (42.68mpg)
Wilkinson - £3.78 (cash)
Keswick central car park £2.60(cash)
Oddfellow Arms - £24.75(credit)
Wild Strawberry - £10.45(credit)

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