Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Grand Canyon 2014 - Where to stay

Well, people like me must go ahead and check where on earth in the grand canyon. You know when you grow up hearing  about the grand canyon, it sort of becomes and entity above state lines.

Then I looked of places to stay.
the search obviously gives you places inside the park.
I have not checked the prices at those places yet. I am guessing they fall somewhere  between prohibitive and an arm and a leg. I will look into them just for hahas.
But then my next thing was to look for towns nearby.
Tusayan is right outside it. Its prices are close to New York City prices... Goodness gracious.


There is Williams - according to the ehow website, but on Google maps I found Flagstaff. Then on expedia I found prices as low as $31/day

Am I ever going to use expedia again?
Probably not. But I use it to do research....
I guess the next step is find out when my April vaca is.

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