Sunday, March 2, 2014

One Day at the Grand Canyon

It turns out we will spend 3 days at the Grand Canyon, but we will only spend a day at the Grand Canyon National Park.

On Saturday we will do the Sky Walk at a part of the Grand Canyon that belongs to the Hulapai Nation.

On Monday we will do the Raft trip on the Colorado River, leaving from the Glen Canyhon Dam in Page.

So, Sunday we will do the Grand Canyon National Park.

I wanted a to do a hike and a bike ride. So we will do the hike in the morning - Probably the Bright Angel Trail. But we will not go all the way down. We will either go to the 3-Mile Resthouse or to the Indian Garden Campground. I did some search online for hiking speed rates.
Walking - 3mph
Hiking - 2mph

That means we will spend at most 5 hours and at least 3, on this hike.
There are Other hiking options. on the website I used to caption the picture.  And either way we will go to the visitor center before we start our hike and make sure we are getting the best option for our needs/wants.

Since we will be getting there at around 10:30 and it might be till around 4:30 that we will be back to the visitor center, we will take snacks, and gatorade on this hike.

In the afternoon, at around 6:00 we will rent a bike with Bright Angel bikes and do the Orange Trail. We will try to see the sunset at 7:00 at the point where I have mentioned before it is a good sunset view. I think it is at the tower.

We will leave at 7:30 to go up to Page AZ and be ready for the next day - the raft trip.

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