Sunday, May 18, 2014

One day in Paris

So as it turns out we will spend one day in Paris. SInce I don't particularly die of love for France, that is a good way to get Paris crossed out of the bucket list without spending a lot of time or money.

I visited the following two websites:
According to them, this seems to be the best walking route for Paris in a day:

1-arc de triomphe
2-walk along Champs Élysées toward
3-Eiffel tower
4-Place de la Concorde
5-Louvre Museum (no time to go in) :(
6-cross the Pont Neuf (New Bridge built in 1607) over the Sienne toward the Ile de la Cité 
7-Le Sainte Chapelle and 
8-Notre Dame Cathedral
Here is the picture with the complete itinerary:
 Now, how do you get from the train station to the the Arc de Trioumphe? Well, I have to check on that. it might be my next post.

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