Sunday, May 11, 2014

things to buy when you get there - things to buy in advance.

So, I was going to by the London travel card - the seven day one. i went through the ordering process until I learned that they would charge me 5 POUNDS to ship it here.

Well, no thank you. Really we can buy these tickets at the station for no shipping charge.

ANOTHER card - the London pass also has a shipping charge, unless you choose to pick it up there. That's what I chose.

There are a number of other cards that you will find out that you have to either pay for shipping, or pay a booking fee, or choose to buy it/ pick it up locally.

But, really, we can't use this philosophy for everything. Things like the Buckingham Palace can be a problem. We didn't buy that in advance last time, to save on shipping, and found ourselves in a never-ending line to get tickets for the next day. Just that we were leaving in the afternoon, so, there was no visit to Buckingham Palace when we first went to London

Weigh your options.

A travel card, yes, I know I can buy that at the station. But a ticket for such a huge attraction might be worth the extra shipping charge.

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