Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grand Canyon South and North Rims

The Grand Canyon National Park Website
I feel that the Grand Canyon should not be a simple 1 or 2 day drip. 3 days maybe? 2 days a t the South Rim and 1 at the North Rim?

I was looking at the national park website and there are 2 things I would love to do. The Scenic drives and the hikes.

The website has a lot of information. On the link Operating hours and seasons, you can find the times of the year that each area of the park is open.

The South Rim, being the most popular is open year round and 24 HOURS A DAY. 

The North Rim isn't open year round, so depending on when we end up scheduling our vacation we won't be able to go there. it is only open from May 15 through October 15.

There are also several PDF files that offer maps and trip planners. I printed a couple of them, but it was a stupid thing. It uses a lot of toner. You're better off saving them and using them in the computer and then getting a real one when you're there.

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