Sunday, January 12, 2014

One way flights

Now thanks to the fact that I have signed up to receive emails from the places where I have miles or points programs, every so often I get an email with a good price on this or that. Unfortunately many times they show you their super low fare, but that is usually not your fare. Usually their super low fare that they advertise is some flight between nothing and nowhere. But still, there are low fares to choose from.

But thanks to one of those emails, I found out something interesting:

It turns out that purchasing one way flights might end up being cheaper and fitting your needs better.

I had gone to Southwest because they had a good sale going. But their return flight was not that great.

So I went to United. A bit too expensive, even thought the flights were a little better.

I went back to my starting point, Expedia
, and found out that the reason why their UA flight was so cheap and with a good time was because they had included US Airways in it. So I checked out US Airways one-way. Great return time and cheaper than United - more expensive than Southwest.

Put together Southwest and US Airways, and you have perfect times, and lower fares.

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