Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nearby: Sky Walk, Hoover Dam, Route 66, church

I have promised to describe how I am fitting things in for a next post.

In this post:

Well, the Loop around was one thing I gave a serious consideration.

It is true that motels will give you discounts when you spend 3 days or more with them. However, some times the higher fee is worth the comfort of not driving an extra 4 hours there and four hours back to your destination the next day.

As much as I like the comfort of not having to pack up and move every morning, having grown up with a nomadic mom, I feel the need to settle down, but I can never bring myself to do it - something inside me keeps finding reasons to be on the move. Besides, I did made myself the promise to spend less time on a car and more time on my feet, so the subtraction of the extra 4 driving hours x 2 does make the higher rate worth it.

We will land in Vegas and drive to Hoover Dam. We might not take the tour, but we will walk over the dam and take pictures.

Then we will head to a town called Kingman, and probably stay the Knights Inn for a total cost of 41.99 for the night. We will probably arrive there with plenty of time to get to know Kingman, so I will do some research on what's up in Kingman AZ.

The Famous Route 66 also happens to lead to Kingman, so we will make sure we drive on it to Flagstaff.
Knights Inn in Kingman
 From there it is just a 1.5 hours drive to The Sky Walk  vs a 4 hours drive from Flagstaff (not counting the other four hours we'd have spent driving there the night before.

The place has free breakfast and every room has microwave and refrigerator (same is true for the Knights Inn in Flagstaff.

As I looked around in the map, we did find a Christian church (baptist and several cathlic ones on the same road of the Baptist. We figured, since it will be a Sunday we should make it to church. We got the church's website and their Sunday worship service hour.

Amount of time needed for The Grand Canyon West (Sky Walk trip) - on their FAQ page, they recommend 4 hours. Since starting in April (till Ocotber) they are open from 7am to 7pm, if we get there at 1 pm, we have a good 6 hours. So we go to church in the morning (11am-12pm) and head to SkyWalk after the service. Their restaurant is open till 9pm.

Reservations to SkyWalk - they take reservations, but We have chosen to not do it, because their weather cancellation policy is bad for us - there is no refund. You just have to go back another day. So we will just purchase our package when we get there.

The Grand Canyon West FAQ page has some interesting info - about places to eat, fuel, and lodging close to them.

At around 6 we can make the 4.5 hour drive to flagstaff via route 66. This will put us in Flagstaff at 10:30 pm. So we really should not leave after 6 pm.

Is it worth paying more money to the car rental agency to have two drivers? We are discussing that idea. And we should also look into how not to pay extra for 2 drivers. I wonder if any agency will give you that for free if you have a loyalty card or ... something.  I will look into that.

Knights inn in Flagstaff

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